I’m an Island – Bored Days, Old Years – 12″ Vinyl


I’m an Island – Bored Days Old Years

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Track List

1. Roam
2. Boatsnack
3. SW1
4. SSW2
5. Color Blind
6. Vitamin D
7. Bored Days
8. Old Years
9. Swing


“J. Gardner’s music exists within the ephemeral, floating between ideas and concepts… ‘Bored Days’ sounds like Gardner at his most intimate.”
Consequence of Sound

“With mumbled lilts that blend into psych riffs, atmospheric in their temperament, ‘Vitamin D’ captures that feeling of being bathed in light…”
The Wild Honey Pie

“A meandering and listless affair [that] manages to find little doses of magic and intrigue within these parameters, as if this explorative space has a little light of its own…”

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in


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